The Bible

The Bible is an essential source of divine guidance, wisdom, instruction and encouragement. God promises to speak to us directly when we read the Bible, and as we read we become more familiar with his voice as he speaks to us.

How Should I Read the Bible?


There are no specific right or wrong ways to read the Bible, but there are some approaches that can really help us to understand and apply scripture to our lives. 

A great way to start is by asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read, and you might also find it helpful to have a journal where you make note of what he’s saying. 

Lots of people have found the SOAP method of reading the Bible to be really helpful. This has been developed by Wayne Cordeiro in his book The Divine Mentor, but here’s an outline for you to get started:

SCRIPTURE – As you read, allow God to speak to you and write down the one verse that God is highlighting to you.

OBSERVATION – As you reflect on the verse, consider why it is important and write down what you observe

APPLICATION – Ask God to show you what needs to happen for this word to be applied in your life. Is it an encouragement, correction, promise, or revelation for you? Write this down, along with anything you’re going to do in response.

PRAYER – Pray and thank God for speaking to you through the Bible, and ask for his help in applying it to your life. Ask for a continual revelation of what this word means for your life.

When & Where Should I Read the Bible?

You can read the Bible at any time of the day – what’s most important is that this is a daily discipline. 

You might want to find a quiet space at home or in nature, maybe taking your Bible and journal to a coffee shop might work best for you, or you might like listening to an audio version of the Bible whilst on the move?

The key is to have a daily rhythm of hearing God speak to you through the Bible, however that might look for you.

There are plenty of reading plans you can choose from, why not have a look at one of these apps:

Bible in One Year

For iOS

For Android 

YouVersion Bible 

For iOS

For Android 

For Kindle 

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