Our Mission

As part of our mission to see lives transformed from our neighbourhoods to the nations, we serve our cities through LifeGroups and Community Action projects, and we partner with key overseas missions projects, to practically demonstrate the love of God.

Care Zone

Care Zone is an innovative furniture recycling project we run which seeks to address the impact of poverty and to provide practical support, care, and compassion to the most vulnerable in our community. We help those in crisis to access high-quality furniture and household goods donated by the public, as well as providing showers and clothing for members of the homeless community in our city.

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Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern-day slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. We work in partnership with Hope For Justice through our abolition group to engage with the local community to raise awareness about human trafficking and what can be done about it in our city and region.

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Peterborough Foodbank

Peterborough Foodbank is a partnership of local faith groups that work together to tackle food poverty. Peterborough Foodbank prepares three days’ worth of nutritionally-balanced emergency food, donated by the local community and then given out to those referred by frontline care professionals, including doctors and social workers. As well as food, volunteers offer a listening ear, dignity, respect, and prayer to all who visit the Foodbank. We will also signpost clients to local agencies who can provide them with longer-term support.

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Peterborough Street Pastors

Peterborough Street Pastors show God’s love in action to those enjoying or working at night-time venues. The Street Pastors go out into the City Centre in teams of four on a Saturday night to offer practical help by giving out bottles of water, flip flops, and offering basic first aid. Volunteers also provide a reassuring presence on the streets by making calls to get people home safely and offering prayer.

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Hope into Action

Hope into Action provides homes for the most vulnerable in society, including those who are homeless, leaving a rehab programme, or being released from prison, in partnership with local churches. KingsGate supports two Hope into Action houses and our volunteers pray for, offer friendship, mentoring, and practical help to tenants in these homes so that they are motivated and empowered to make positive life choices.

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Jacob's Group

Jacob’s Group is a friendship group that aims to help meet the social and spiritual needs of adults with a variety of additional care and support needs. Jacob’s Group gathers every second Tuesday of the month at KingsGate to enjoy a range of activities including bowling, crafts, games, and outings. Volunteers support activities such as music, art, craft, and cooking, as well as building friendships to help members of the group grow.

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You drive for five hours from Johannesburg, through the mountains and over the Eswatini border. What greets you is quite breathtaking. Bulembu is an old mining town. When the mines closed nearly ten years ago, the 10,000 population moved out. Bulembu became a ghost town. Until someone had a vision of what could be.

Today a Christian trust owns the whole town. All 4,000 acres. The population is back to 2,000. There are successful industries in wood production, water bottling, honey production, a bakery, a dairy, successful tourism. All from nothing.

Most of all, there are over 400 orphans saved. Bulembu has become a centre for rescued children. With one of the worst HIV rates in the world, and an average age expectancy of just over 30, Eswatini is slowly dying. Children die daily. Bulembu is changing the statistics.

Bulembu is part of Challenge Ministries Eswatini. With the possibility of mining starting again in the Bulembu region, Challenge Ministries are considering a change of site for the children. You can find out more here: http://www.bulembu.org


KingsGate are committed to working with Compassion to help support disadvantaged children throughout the world. We do this through sponsorship. As individuals, we are able to support any children within the various Compassion projects around the world. However, until January 2017, most of our Compassion sponsorship was directed to helping children in India. Sadly, due to Indian government restrictions, Compassion have had to withdraw their programmes from India. In the light of this news, KingsGate have decided to broaden their promotion of Compassion children to all Compassion projects worldwide. We continue to pray for the many children we sponsored in India, and for all the project leaders who have devoted themselves to serving some of the most needy children in their nation.

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The Syrian refugee crisis is the worst of its kind in our lifetime. 

As we develop our relationship with Tearfund and Heart for Lebanon, there will be opportunities for all at KingsGate to help.

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