One of the amazing aspects of our faith as Christians is that its full expression is experienced when we join with other Christians to become the family we were designed to be. More than being a place we go to, the Church is a family where we belong.


LifeGroups are a vital part of community at KingsGate. They’re a great way to build friendships, grow in faith, and get connected into the life of the church.  

LifeGroups are made up of between six and twelve people who gather during the week to support and encourage each other. This is where we learn how to live our Christian faith and apply biblical teaching to our lives. Being part of a LifeGroup provides the opportunity for friendship and community to be built in the context of a smaller group of people. We have LifeGroups gathering in all of our cities, so whatever your age, background, vocation or location, there’s a group for you.

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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are a great opportunity to connect with others around a variety of interests, across our cities and regions.

Connect Groups usually meet at least once a month. They include a whole range of interests: sports, crafts, hobbies, leisure and professional interests, and not forgetting food!

Commitment Course

If you’ve decided that you want to make KingsGate your home church, then the Commitment Course is for you.

The Commitment Course unpacks the mutual commitment of KingsGate Community Church and its members. One of the principles is that we share the workload and financial needs, the joys and the challenges, with a strong sense of unity, love, and respect. It has been an exciting journey to this point, and we’d love for you to join us in all that is yet to come!


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Better Together

Part 1 Love One Another

Jeff Lucas

Part 2 Serve One Another

Jasmine Allen

Part 3 Honour One Another

Steve Squirrell

Part 4 Bear With and Forgive One Another

David & Heather Robertson

Part 5 Encourage One Another

Chris Sharman

Transformed Living - Growing in Community

Part 9 We Are Family

Jeff Lucas

The Power of Everyone

Part 1 Everyone Devoted

Dave Smith

Part 2 Everyone Reverent

Andrew Ollerton

Part 3 Everyone Generous

Dave Smith

Part 4 Everyone United

Simon Deeks

Part 5 Everyone Connected

David Robertson

Part 6 Everyone Contagious

Dave Smith


Part 1 Open Hearts

Stuart Bell

Part 2 Open Homes

Simon Deeks

Part 3 Open Hands

Dave Smith

2020 Vision - Growing in Community

Part 3 Gathering on Purpose

David Robertson

Transformed Life - Growing in Community

Part 6 We are the Church: The Hope of the World

Simon Deeks

Stronger - Growing in Community

Part 3 Stronger in Discipleship

Simon Deeks

Part 6 Stronger in Fellowship

Jeff Lucas

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