Serving is a great way to meet people and to use our God-given gifts and skills to play our part in transforming lives.

Discovering Your Destiny

As Christians, discovering and enjoying the place that God has specifically created for us, and partnering with him in the mission of seeing many more lives transformed for eternity by the power of his love, is part of our destiny.

We’ve put together the Discovering Your Destiny workbook to help you:

  • Discover your unique blend of personality, passions and skills
  • Gain insight to the spiritual gifts that God has given you so that you can play your part in strengthening and building the local church
  • Take first and next steps in finding a place to serve where you can grow and connect with a team of people committed to playing their part


Growing in Leadership

There are lots of opportunities to develop your leadership skills within the context of ministry at KingsGate. All of our teams have training opportunities specific to the skills needed for the ministry area. We also periodically bring all KingsGate leaders together for leadership training and encouragement.

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Joining a Serving Team

Whatever your gifts and abilities are, we have a serving team where you can use your skills and grow in your leadership capabilities.  

All of our serving teams have regular training available which is specific to the skills needed for the ministry area. This will give you more opportunities to develop your current skill set and increase your leadership competencies.  

Being a part of a serving team also allows you to grow within the context of community at KingsGate. We have heard many testimonies of friendships being made because of people joining a serving team, and serving also instils a sense of worth and purpose as we use our gifts to bless others.  

If you are not currently part of a serving team at KingsGate and would like to begin serving when in-person services resume, have a look through the teams for more information.

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Better Together

Part 1 Love One Another

Jeff Lucas

Part 2 Serve One Another

Jasmine Allen

Part 3 Honour One Another

Steve Squirrell

Part 4 Bear With and Forgive One Another

David & Heather Robertson

Part 5 Encourage One Another

Chris Sharman


Part 1 Open Hearts

Stuart Bell

Part 2 Open Homes

Simon Deeks

Part 3 Open Hands

Dave Smith

Living the Jesus Way - Growing in Community

Part 6 Improving Our Serve

Dave Smith

Part 7 The Rewards of Serving Well

Dave Smith

Part 8 The Power of Kindness

Dave Smith

Part 9 Serve The Jesus Way

Tom Webster

Transformed Life - Growing in Community

Part 6 We are the Church: The Hope of the World

Simon Deeks