My Mission

God cares about every aspect of our daily lives and we are Kingdom Ambassadors, representing him everywhere we go, in everything we do.

Kingdom Ambassadors

Living as a Kingdom Ambassador is one of the most significant callings that we have in our lives. The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.  This gives us a lot of time and the opportunity for influence in the marketplace. When we approach it as one of the priority areas for our living out the gospel of Jesus, we position ourselves to play our part in transformation, both individually and in our society.

For over 30 years Christians in the marketplace have found it helpful to consider their part in culture shaping through the imagery of the seven mountains of influence.  

The seven mountains are seven sectors in society that mould the way we think; our culture is shaped by these spheres or mountains: Family, Religion/Faith, Education, Government, Media/News, Arts/Entertainment, and Business. Whichever of these spheres you play your part in, God can use you to transform society.  

To find out more and to think through how you can grow in understanding the importance of your workplace ambassadorship, have a look at some of these resources

Sharing my Faith

As Christians, each of us is called to be a witness for Christ and to share our faith in word and deed. However, it can be challenging in our culture and many of us feel inadequate or even afraid to share our story of the good news.

Here are some FAQ’s to help equip and empower us to share our faith:

  • What are some of the ways I can show Jesus in my workplace or community?

    In our God-given roles as Kingdom Ambassadors, our primary responsibility is to represent Jesus well in our conduct, attitudes and speech. The Apostle Peter puts it succinctly:

    ‘Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbours. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honourable behaviour and they will give honour to God.’ 1 Peter 2:12 NLT

    The focus is to live well so that as people see what we do and hear what we say they will think more highly of our faith. This builds bridges across which we can later travel with an invitation or testimony. Another bridge to non-believers around us is our willingness to humbly serve them with simple acts of kindness carried out in the name of Jesus. Make it your aim to bless someone as often as you can.

  • When should I take the opportunity to share my faith at work or in the community?

    ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience…’ 1 Peter 3:15-16a NIV

    Clearly our desire to share our faith has to be done with ‘gentleness and respect’, wisely using the opportunities that come our way to speak of Jesus.

    We are free to speak of Jesus in public and we should use such freedom having diligently prayed in advance and prepared our words.

    At KingsGate, we want to encourage the whole Church to confidently share their faith and so we have partnered with others to produce a six-session training course entitled ‘Talking Jesus’. The course has helped many to feel more confident and clear about how and when to share their Jesus story. To find out more information about the course visit the Talking Jesus website. 

    To find out more about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace, take a look at this report produced by the Evangelical Alliance.

  • What do people in our culture really think about Jesus and the Church?

    How the media generally portrays what people think about Jesus and the Church can often leave us feeling downcast and apprehensive about sharing our faith because ‘do people really want to hear it anyway?’

    The Talking Jesus research reveals a very different picture altogether of how the general public in England view Jesus, Christianity, and the Church.

    Having a look at these statistics will give you the confidence to recognise that you are the right person, in the right place to be taking Jesus and sharing your faith. Two-thirds of non-Christian adults in England say that they already know a practicing Christian, and that person is usually either a friend or a family member.

    The research also revealed that non-Christians overwhelmingly described the Christian they know as being friendly, caring, good-humoured and generous. This means that people view Christians positively, despite what the media wants us to think.

    The rest of the Talking Jesus research will continue to encourage you, to have conversations with the people in your world about your faith. 

    Why not take a look at the results of the Talking Jesus survey here.

  • How should I respond to objections and tricky questions that people might raise when I share my faith?

    Perhaps you have already started to share your faith with the people in your world. We can feel confident when we are doing the talking, but maybe when they start asking tough questions you can feel a little out of your depth.

    Thankfully there are resources that you can access to help equip you to respond to these objections and tricky questions accurately with a clear biblical grounding. The Be Thinking website has a fantastic ‘Explore’ tab where you can access articles, audio and videos from a variety of authors and at a range of academic levels. You can explore content that covers questions about Jesus, the resurrection, God, the Bible, truth and Christian Beliefs.

    It will give you helpful advice and answers to questions that you have been asked like, ‘Did the events in the Bible really happen?’, ‘Why does Jesus’ resurrection matter?’, ‘Where did God come from?’ and ‘How does a person become a Christian?’ just to name a few.

    Check out Be Thinking website for more helpful responses to common objections and questions.

    Or have a look at this article which is an introduction to Christian apologetics. 

  • Where can I get further training and some stories of people finding faith?

    Sharing personal stories of how faith has impacted your life and the lives of other Christians is a powerful tool that we can use when we share the transforming message of the gospel with non-Christians.

    The Great Commission website gives you access to video testimonies from ordinary people about everyday encounters of faith and how knowing Jesus has impacted their lives.

    It also has tabs where you can access reflection articles on how to live as a Christian in your context, whether that be university, in the secular workplace or at home.

    Find out about prayer initiatives and tools that you can use, and how you can personally partner with a range of evangelism initiatives, as well as tools and resources that you can use to make Jesus known wherever you are and at whatever stage of life you are in.

    Check out the Great Commission website for helpful articles and great personal stories.

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